Program and Keynotes

IEEE ICCICC'21 Program v.1.0.pdf

Keynote 1: A General Theory of Adaptivity and Homeostasis in the Brain and in the Body

Prof. Bernard Widrow, FIEEE, Stanford University, USA

Keynote 2: The Failure of Deep Neural Networks to Capture Human Language’s Cognitive Core

Prof. Robert C. Berwick, MIT, USA

Keynote 3: From Data to Information Granules: An Environment of Granular Computing

Prof. Witold Pedrycz, FIEEE, Univ. of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

Keynote 4: Artificial intelligence against CoVID-19 Pandemic using Chest X-ray Images

Dr. Paolo Soda, SMIEEE, University Campus Bio-Medico (UCBM), Rome, Italy

Keynote 5: On the Emergence of Autonomous Systems towards Deep Thinking Machines & General AI

Prof. Yingxu Wang, FIEEE, University of Calgary, Canada