Host and Contact

  • The presidential organization of I2CICC: University of Calgary, Canada.

  • The President of I2CICC: Prof. Yingxu Wang, PhD, FIEEE. FBCS, FI2CICC, FAAIA, FWIF, PEng

Professor of Computational Intelligence, Software Science, Brain Science, Autonomous Systems, and Intelligent Mathematics

Visiting Professor: Stanford Univ. (2008|16), MIT (2012), UC Berkeley (2008), Oxford Univ. (95|18-22)

International Institute of Cogniitv Informatics and Cognitive Computing (

Dept. of Electrical and Software Engineering

Schulich School of Engineering (SSE) and Hotchkiss Brain Institute (HBI)

University of Calgary

2500 University Drive, NW, Calgary AB, Canada T2N 1N4